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From Leads To Customers

Ultimately, marketing is all about filling the sales funnel. In my 7 step focused marketing plan program called SMART Marketing, I take you through the 7 steps to create your marketing plan – so that you can focus on getting the right people into the funnel, and then serving them the most appropriate messages to move them down the funnel from being leads, to being customers.

But what is the sales funnel, really?

You can download my free report on the sales funnel here.

Watch this video first and then I’ll go through the steps of each part of the funnel.



Here’s a picture of the sales funnel:

It depicts the journey that you hope your customers take from being part of the target market, to finally converting into customers.

At the top part of the funnel are potential customers you would like to have – your target market. Marketing is about making these people aware of your product and how you stand out so that they move down and become leads. Here, you can reach out to them – those in your target market who have identified themselves.

You then need to reach out to them, nurture them and give them value so that they trust you and see credibility in your product and they become warm leads. At this stage you can qualify them – have that sales conversation so that you can present them with the question – do you want to buy?

Ultimately you hope to convert them into customers by making the sale.

Marketing through the sales funnel is exactly what targeted marketing is about – hence my online video training and workshop program called SMART Marketing which you can learn about here,

Don’t forget, you can also get your free report on the sales funnel and how to use it by clicking here.

If you are interested in focusing all your marketing efforts on those potential leads who are low hanging fruit, get over to my website and find out about the SMART Marketing Program.



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  • Hey nice and well explained blog. Yes SEM plays a huge role in marketing a product or services nowadays because of it’s instant results when compared to SEO. But we need to be careful before going for these SEM, As a experienced Digital Marketer in in Hyderabad I believe going for a professional person or organization is a wiser decision

  • Hi Ankith – yeah certainly we need to be aware of modern marketing tools on the internet, but really the blog article is about much more than that. Using SEM or SEO without any strategic intent, that is merely using those tools because “it’s the fashion these days” is the same as using a blunderbuss to catch fish. The point about an overall, strategic sales funnel is to qualify your targets, not just trust to technology that you’ll get the right customer. Thanks for your comment!

  • Well written blog, SEM plays a major role in today’s market. Your blog tells the same.

  • This is a very good information. It is very usefull. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Thank you! I’m glad you found it useful.

    The sales funnel works for any industry, any business, of any size.

    For a small web development company, you’re probably shouting out against a lot of noise. So, you really need to stand out.

    The trick is to really niche down at your target market (not “everybody”!). Are you looking for small business/big business? Any particular industry? What geographic market? What are their buying patterns – are they happy to deal with you online or do they like face to face? Once you are really clear on who you serve, then look at your service and see what they really need from it – not “a website developer” but what they really need – responsive? Peace of mind? Excitement? Once you know these two things you can create the right messages showing your target what they want to hear. Then you launch your sales funnel. Broadcast – write blog posts, guest on others’ blogs or podcasts, write newspaper articles, offer a free “Report” on “What to look for in a web designer” or something similar. Get your cool leads and go on from there!

    Good luck! But work at it and you don’t need luck!

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