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5 Personal Changes to Become a Highly Successful Entrepreneur – Part 5

Those of you who have been following me or have undertaken my online courses know that I have worked as a Business Consultant and Coach to small business owners all over the world for the last 30 years. I have studied in Business Schools and undertaken all kinds of business and finance courses, but this practical experience has given me the unique opportunity to see what works, and what doesn’t. It has allowed me to study success, and to tease out the habits, formulae, and steps to create a truly great business.

I have distilled the 5 personal changes anyone who wants to be a highly successful entrepreneur needs to make. Why make your own mistakes to learn from, when you can painlessly follow these 5 necessities that have been worked out from real-world experience?

This is the fifth personal change that you need to make to become a highly successful entrepreneur. If you have missed out on my earlier blog posts on the first 4 changes you need to make, get over to my website at teikoh.com to catch up.

The fifth (and last) personal change you need to make in order to become a highly successful entrepreneur is to move from keeping value, to creating value.

In this video I explain this concept.



If you want to know more about how to create value in your business, go to my website at teikoh.com. While you’re there, make sure you look for the first 4 personal changes you need to make to become a highly successful entrepreneur.

And as I promised, here is the link to get your free eBook on entrepreneurship, just click here to learn more and follow the prompts.

Oh, hey, if you are reading this on one of my social media posts, the link to get your free Handbook For Entrepreneurs may not show, so go to my website to this article at http://wp.me/p6v1Bv-13g where you can click on the link.


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