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How to Create a Resilient Business

How to Create a Resilient Business

Whether you are about to start a new business or running an established one, whether you are looking to expand your business or consolidate or even deal with some contraction, whether your business is micro, small, medium or large, whether you hire 100 people or none, at some stage you will want to ensure that your business is resilient.

Resilient from what?

You know, it almost doesn’t matter.

You might want to create a resilience in your business that will shelter you from national or international economic woes; you might want your business to be resilient against loss of key personnel; you might simply want your business to carry on undiminished forever.

Many entrepreneurs start a business by investing themselves, along with their money, into the business because their business is an extension of themselves – and do you not want to be resilient yourself? More than skills, experience or training, a person’s level of resilience will determine if they fail or succeed. Intuitively you know this is true whether you are playing a sport or building a business empire.

In this two part series of articles I will deal with how to create a resilient business. This first part is on identifying the characteristics of a resilient organisation. Part two will be about creating a cultural climate for organisational resilience.

So before we start to create the climate in which your business can become resilient, let’s first identify the characteristics of a resilient organisation. Read More

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