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The Vision For Your Business

I cannot say this enough – whatever you intend to do, start a business, attain a goal, arrive at somewhere, you need to start with a clear picture of where you want to end up.

Call this your “business vision” the “purpose” of your business, or the “why” of your business, as Stephen Covey says “Begin with the end in mind”.

Having a detailed picture of where you want to end up simply clarifies a lot of details and makes a lot of small day to day decisions suddenly easier. You want to hire someone – will they fit into what the place will look like in your vision? You are thinking of a new process – will it bring you closer or faster to your vision of how the business will work? You want to introduce a new product – does it fit in with your vision of how the business will look to the public?

Yet, how do you get to that detailed picture?

In this video I discuss one way of describing your vision, and then clarifying all the details that the vision implies. It’s as simple as having a conversation with yourself where you just ask “What do I mean by…?”


  1. Start with a simple question; “If I want to build my dream (business), what do I mean by my perfect (business)?”
  2. Then for each description of that ideal you come up with, ask: “So, what do I mean by (descriptor)?”

You can keep cascading those questions down until you end up with a highly detailed, quantified, version of your dream business.

As usual, the fun starts after the learning! Go to the blog at teikoh.com and post a comment to this video and tell me – What is the one single most important way you use your vision?

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