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Mini-Training on How To Find Your Ideal Customer

It is a famous marketing mantra – “sell to everyone and you sell to no-one!”

When you start business, any sale is a good sale. The problem is some of us continue with that attitude.

However, while any money coming through the till is good, getting customers there in the first place is about focus, targeting and concentrated effort, not a shotgun blast of advertising hoping you will hit someone.

So, I’m going to start by giving you a free gift!

You can download an extract Worksheet from my SMART Marketing online workshop program that will help you identify your ideal customer by clicking on this link http://wp.me/a6v1Bv-12Q

Then with the worksheet in front of you, watch this mini-training video on how to identify your ideal customer.



Identifying your ideal customer is one of the 7 steps of SMART Marketing, a program that will use your own knowledge of your business to create a highly focused marketing plan targeting your low-hanging fruit.

In this online video training and workshop on creating your marketing plan, I take you through identifying the real needs for your product, identifying the customer that really wants your product, making sure your business is geared up to meet the promise of your product, use your selling price as a marketing factor, choosing the most appropriate marketing activities for your product, compiling your scheduled action plan, and then setting up accountability systems so that you get it done.

To get three free systems on marketing that you can implement in your business within the week, click on this link https://teikoh.mykajabi.com/p/smart-program and sign up, obligation-free.

To learn more about the SMART Marketing program, check this link out – https://teikoh.mykajabi.com/store/EQv84otj

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