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Make Your Vision Day-To-Day Reality
Policies & Procedures: Your Path To A Self-Running Business!
Your Organisation Chart
How To Create A Self-Running Business

Make Your Vision Day-To-Day Reality

In the last few weeks, my blog posts have been about ways to create an “independence” in your business so that you don’t have to make every decision.

The whole philosophy is about creating established rules, structures and procedures in your business – in other words systemising your business – so that everyone knows the main goal you are all working for, and can therefore make decisions based on attaining that main goal. Put into positions where they know exactly what the purpose of their position is, and through a series of policies and procedures knowing exactly what to do and how to do it, they can be effective in making their own decisions while you have the comfort of knowing that they won’t blow up the business.

It’s all about clarity in the systems.

But people have still written to me to ask, how does this make people behave “like you would.”

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Policies & Procedures: Your Path To A Self-Running Business!

Tell me if these questions sound familiar?

“Hi Boss, I’ve got a customer on the phone and she’s demanding a refund – what do I do?”

“Morning Boss, I’ve entered all the supplier invoices into the computer – what do I do with the copies now?”

“Boss, I ended up with two good candidates after the interviews, which one should I hire?”

If your day is full of micro-decisions and you seem to be supervising everyone and micro-managing all the time; if you have no time to prioritise working on developing your business and instead spend the whole day working in it, then you really need to think about creating your self-running business.

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Your Organisation Chart

What is an organisation chart?

Put simply, it is a “tree” diagram of the positions in your business – who they are, what they do and are responsible for, who they report to, and who they supervise.

Notice I said “diagram of positions” not a diagram of people. And when I say “who they are” I did not mean the names of the current incumbent, I mean their position descriptions. This is important as I explain later – an organisation chart is about organising the roles and responsibilities in your business in the most efficient way – not about who does what right now because they are the most experienced or capable.

If you want to operate a business now, or at anytime in the future, where you are not called up[on to micro-manage every decision, to supervise every person and help them make every decision, where people in your business know exactly what to do and who to go to if they need help, then you need two things:-

  • A very clear vision of what everyone should be striving for; and
  • An organised team where everyone knows their roles and responsibilities and know what procedures they need to follow in their tasks.

An organisation chart is the start of an organised team.

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How To Create A Self-Running Business

Let’s talk about why you started your own business.

I suspect words like “financial freedom” feature a lot as well as the desire to spend more time with your family, being able to travel and see the world, or find that elusive work-life balance. You would think that being your own boss would allow you to organise your time so that you can dial in the right amount of work-life balance wouldn’t you?

Well, how’s that working out for you?

If you are like most small business owners, as you started your business, you would have been caught up in the hundred tiny things you had to work on, especially at the start when resources were too short to hire staff. Then, as the business grew, and you did hire staff, you seem to be spending more and more time “managing” people. As processes became more complicated, the call on your time increased, not decreased. Your new hires had to be shown how to do things, and they couldn’t quite make decisions so you got involved. Then, when things seemd to have settled down somebody resigned and it started all over again!

Do I need to go on?

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