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How To Start Your Own Business

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to start your own business?

Perhaps you are an expert in what you do, or you are a creative excelling in your specialty, and you work for someone else but think that you can do it better, or that your own business would be so much more?

OK so you want to start your own business but where do you start? What do you do first? What do you have to do? The questions are starting to overwhelm the enthusiasm, right? If only there were a number of steps laid out that you could follow, and be sure that you’ve thought about everything and that you haven’t missed anything.

Well there is!

I have created an online course to take any entrepreneur or small business startup from scratch – from idea to opening their doors. Funnily enough it’s called “How To Start Your Own Business“!

It is wrapped around 5 steps.

First, make sure that you understand what it takes to be in business for yourself, and assess your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can be prepared, and prepare.

Second, analyse the industry that you want to be in, and your own business idea, to make sure that you are fully aware about competition, regulation, and barriers to entry, as well as the opportunities and the niches you could take advantage of.

Third, before you even start, before any lawyers or incorporation, design your business model, how your business works from producing your offering to the relationships it needs to have, to the marketing and the internal administration.

Fourth, start planning. Plan the legal structure, your budget, your business plan. Be prepared.

Then finally, remember all the boring details – registrations, contracts, licenses and so on.

This video takes you through those steps.



You see, everything has a system.

Even the seeming confusion when you want to start your own business.

My course, How To Start Your Own Business, is available as an online course, and through a series of instructional videos I drill down each of the 5 steps so that you work with me in real time and take each step at a time. The course also includes:-

  • A worksheet on assessing your personal readiness
  • A bonus video on You, Your Business, Your Purpose, Your Effort – the four foundations of your business success
  • A worksheet to help you test the feasibility of your idea
  • Planning worksheets including Contents of a Business Plan and a One Day Business Plan Worksheet
  • An implementation checklist
  • A checklist to help you choose an accountant
  • A checklist to help you choose a lawyer
  • A checklist to help you choose a web guy
  • A bonus worksheet on how to write Position Descriptions and Organise Your Team

If you want to start a business but are getting really confused about all the conflicting advice you are given, join me on this course and you will get organised! Click here or search for https://teikoh.mykajabi.com/store/r9LPHc6V to find out more.


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