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Craft Your marketing Message
Identify Your Market – Why And How
The Difference Between Features & Benefits Of Your Product
From Leads To Customers
Happy New Year!

Craft Your marketing Message

If you are in business, you are marketing every day.

You are marketing when you answer the telephone; you market when you send out your product; you market when you bill or provide follow up service. You even market when you meet your bank manager, supplier or accountant.

That’s because you never know where your next lead will come from, so you need to make sure you are putting your message out there all the time.

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Identify Your Market – Why And How

If you try to market to everyone, you market to no-one.

Your product is “just right” for a section of the overall market – they are the ones who have needs that can be met by your market. But understandably, many people fear missing out. “If I concentrate on a target focus,” they say, “What happens if someone outside that focus also wants it?”

I have a free download for you this week that can help you find your real target market.

Think of it as a game of numbers – how do you find a segment where you have the most chance of finding the customers who are ready to buy your product.

How does that work?

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The Difference Between Features & Benefits Of Your Product

We know what marketing is all about don’t we? It’s about getting people to buy your product or service.

So, we load up our day with thinking of more and more inventive ways to get our product in front of the customer – “buy me” we cry. But what most of us forget when we make this cry, is that people don’t buy because they want your product. People buy because they need something your product can give them.

The most important acronym in marketing that we must heed is “WIIFM.”

What’s WIIFM?

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From Leads To Customers

Ultimately, marketing is all about filling the sales funnel. In my 7 step focused marketing plan program called SMART Marketing, I take you through the 7 steps to create your marketing plan – so that you can focus on getting the right people into the funnel, and then serving them the most appropriate messages to move them down the funnel from being leads, to being customers.

But what is the sales funnel, really?

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Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy new year!

May you look forward to a happy, fruitful and successful new year in your business, relationships and personal life.

Remember, life is for living and living to fulfill your purpose. It’s not all about money. It’s not all about what you can buy.

Why don’t you take the next half hour or so to think about what you are passionate about in your life and how following that passion makes your life meaningful?

What makes you get up optimistic and full of life every morning? How can you fill your life with that passion? What can you do every day to just keep that feeling going?

Have a great new year, and I’ll be back on the teikoh.com blog next week.

See you then!

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