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10 Ways to Thank Your Customer
Why You Need Systems
How to Research Your Industry
7 Things To Do When Your Business Is Struggling
You want to start a new business – but are you ready?

10 Ways to Thank Your Customer

People buy from us because they know us, they like us, and they trust us.

Think of it from your customers’ point of view – would you buy from a business that you have been to before and got reliable service? Or would you buy from a business you don’t know? Would you buy from a business you know but don’t like, or would you buy from a business that you do like? And finally, even if you know them, and kind of like them, would you buy from a business that you did not trust would provide you with the best that they could?

This is the immutable truth of marketing – people buy from people they know, like and trust.

So, in marketing, we do everything we can to show people that they can trust us – our advertising is open and transparent, we shape our corporate culture so that our word is our bond, we explain terms and conditions, we deliver what we promise. We also do as much as we can to get people to know us – we provide clear websites and send out brochures, we advertise in the circles our markets meet, we have recognisable logos.

But how do we get people to like us? Read More

Why You Need Systems

Most people start their business to obtain financial abundance, to finding fulfilment in doing good things for their customers, but ultimately to find freedom and lifestyle.

Yet for many, they find that freedom and lifestyle elusive! They find themselves tied to their business, unable even to have a decent holiday when they are not constantly reading email or checking their phones. At work, they start their day checking messages, telling people what to do about all kinds of minutiae, constantly re-training replacement staff, repeating the obvious and then ending up late at night going over the books. Even when they find the income to hire staff, they find themselves constantly telling them what to do or checking their work or correcting their work.

Most business owners work hard – but they work hard on the wrong things. As business owners, we need to identify what really matters – what builds the business. Systems allow us to do this. Read More

How to Research Your Industry

In business, knowledge is power.

The more you know about your business, the industry in which it is operating, your market and the outside forces affecting your business, the more you can plan and strategise.

Specifically, when you are starting a new business, one of the most important things you need to know is information about your industry. In my online training course “How To Start Your Own Business,” I dig deeper into the need to research your industry in preparation for startup.

Why do you need to research your industry? You know what you’re doing right? You’ve probably been working in your industry most of your working life, why can’t you just hang out your business sign and open the store? Read More

7 Things To Do When Your Business Is Struggling

While I am always positive, and in these blog posts and in my online courses I teach small business owners how to grow their businesses, it cannot be denied that we live in turbulent times.

Some industries are doing well. Some businesses are coping very well with the turbulence even if it affects their industry, perhaps they have learned how to batten down the hatches.

However, I’m sure some businesses are struggling. This can be caused by many things from a significant downturn in the industry you are in, to over-borrowing when times were good, and even perhaps to over-optimism or behaving as if everything was the same as before. What can you do if your business is struggling?

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You want to start a new business – but are you ready?

In over 30 years of working with small business owners all over the world, I have helped many people start their own business.

There is a process that you take – a formula that if you followed in precisely the same way, you will find a pain-free way of starting your own business and growing from there.

However, what many people don’t realise until they work with me, is that the first part of that process, the first ingredient in cooking this new business – is you!

Are you ready?

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