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Craft Your marketing Message

If you are in business, you are marketing every day.

You are marketing when you answer the telephone; you market when you send out your product; you market when you bill or provide follow up service. You even market when you meet your bank manager, supplier or accountant.

That’s because you never know where your next lead will come from, so you need to make sure you are putting your message out there all the time.

But what is your message?

Your message should consistently be about meeting customer needs.

I have a free worksheet for you that can help you discover what messages you should be sending.

Your potential customers, and people who may give you leads, are not really interested in how your business is organised or financed, and not about how you produce your product or service. They don’t really care if you deliver it online or face to face.

People don’t buy your product because of what it is or how it works. They buy your product because of what it means to them.

What need of theirs does it meet? What pain do they have that your service will remove? What part of their life will be better off if they have your product? What pleasure will they gain from using it?



In my SMART Marketing Program which takes you through 7 steps to create your highly focused marketing plan, I take you through a workshop that defines your target market’s hot buttons.

Get your free download here and follow me through these steps:

  1. Identify the real needs of your target market. Needs are rarely about the way your product is put together but what it does for them. Someone wanting to buy a drill doesn’t need a drill – they need a hole in the wall.
  2. Identify how your product can meet these needs. Your drill can make a hole in the wall – and it can do so faster so they don’t waste time, and reliably so they never have to stop to buy a new drill.
  3. Identify those needs that your product can meet well. Your drill is so fast and accurate that they are finished before they know it.
  4. Analyse your shortlist of needs that you can meet well and identify from them the ones that really matter to your customer – the ones that are their hot buttons.
  5. Decide on the message that will absolutely hit those hot buttons.

Then, from this point onwards, send out those messages.

When you answer the telephone, slip in how your drill is so fast the lazy DIYer will be back on the lounge in no time. When you talk to the bank manager, tell them a story about a customer who finished their 10-picture-hanging project in 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to get your worksheet to craft your message here, and get over to my website at teikoh.com to find more free ways to create strategy, provide leadership, and grow your business.

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