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What to do when business isn’t great Part 3

This is the final video in the series about what you can do when your business isn’t doing so great just now.

I am truly positive about working on your business. I truly believe that if you reframe any situation, you can look for the positive and you can come up with strategies to take you forward. All my writing and video talks in my blog are about business growth, about the systems and tools to take your business and your life up another level.

However bad times happen.

Only, I believe the same attitude can overcome bad times, and in the last two videos I gave you some ideas about how you can turn a bad situation around.

Do I know what I’m talking about? Yes I do. Apart from spending over 35 years of my life successfully advising entrepreneurs and small business owners across the world on how to create the business they see in their vision, I have also had cause to pull myself out of near bankruptcy.

Bad partners. Yup, bad partners, but even today I don’t see it as “their fault“. I own my own destiny and you should too. I looked at my “near-death business experience” with realistic eyes and relied on all the systems and tools I knew and created strategies and pulled myself out and created a very successful consulting business from the ashes. You can too – in the last couple of weeks I gave you ideas about how to create recovery strategies if business isn’t great for you at the moment, now watch this last video in the series.

Were you surprised by my last suggestion?

Despite my belief that you can and should keep looking for ways to pull yourself out of trouble, sometimes you have to look reality in the face and know when a situation is too wrong to be righted. Don’t make that decision lightly, but realise you may have to make that decision.

Here I am hoping that you never find yourself having to make that final decision, and I’d love to hear what you think – click here to leave a comment under this video-blog post on my website.


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