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What to do when business isn’t great Part 2

Last week I wrote about how we have to be realistic and despite my wanting to help you grow your business into a successful long term business, we have to be realistic and admit that sometimes business isn’t doing great sometimes.

The question is what can you do in those times, how do you do something proactive to pull yourself out of a hole?

Well last week I gave you the first ideas on what you can do. This week I give a couple more ideas, watch this video now.

You can’t sit on your hands, right? If you want to grow the business of your dreams, sometimes you have to go through difficult times, and when you do, please don’t just sit there in fear and panic bemoaning your fate.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from over 35 years experience helping entrepreneurs and running businesses myself, where you go from time to time depends entirely on the effort and practice that you put into the situation. If you see it as the end, it will be the end. However if you see it as a challenge – another to overcome – your mind starts to focus on what you can do rather than what has befallen you! If your dream is worth anything, it’s worth fighting for.

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Tell me what you think – about any ideas to fight and claw your own way out of a bad situation, or (if you can share) any of your own experiences – click here to post a comment on this video in the blog.


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