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Mini-Training One Day Business Plan Part 2

This is Part 2 of the free mini-training I am giving you on the One Day Business Plan.

You haven’t watched Part 1? What are you doing?

Get over to teikoh.com right now, watch the video and download the free worksheet and start on the first 2 steps before you read and watch on!

Last week in Part 1 – using the example of a restaurant –  I introduced to you the process of starting your business plan from the description of the vision, and then breaking it down into what it means in 6 key characteristics of your vision:

  1. Markets and customers;
  2. Products and services;
  3. Processes and operations;
  4. People and teams;
  5. Infrastructure and equipment; and
  6. Finance and profits.

This week, I will take you through analysing the “goals” you described last week and working out how to get there by formulating strategies and action plans.

Here is the link to get your free downloadable worksheet on The One Day Business Plan Part 2. Download it and work along as you watch the video.



So, let’s summarise.

Last week you described your vision.

Then, by looking at your description of your vision, you identified the “identifiers” of the vision into 6 key areas.

In effect these are your goals in each of these areas.

This week we then asked the question: “How can I get there: What do I need to do to get to this characteristic?”

In our example of the restaurant serving modern Italian cuisine providing attentive service, the identifier of “attentive service” might have been identified as “knowledgeable staff.” If you then asked “How can I get there?” the answer might be a specially tailored induction training program about the food and its origins. If another identifier was “customers never have to wait to have their drinks refilled” then one way to get there might be a program of customer training, adherence to procedures, and rewards based on satisfied customers.

So, there you have it so far – a vision that drives your business, goals that arise from descriptions of key identifiers of what that vision means, and then strategies based on how you get to those described identifiers.

But wait, there’s more.

You then need to create action plans with the steps laid out on how you are going to carry out the strategies – assigning responsibilities and dates as deadlines. Your action plans help you carry out your strategies.

In the free worksheet for Part 2 that you can download here, an action plan template is also included.

Remember thought that this is a mini-training session, and has been cut down and summarised from my online training program called The One Day Business Plan.

If you want to spend a day with me, creating your One Day Business Plan, why not get to the website and click on the Products Page to check out the program. It is based on video learning, where I will brief you in a series of modules on each of the steps of this process, and then show you – using detailed, stepped worksheets and reading material – how to go through every step, and in one day, write your effective business plan and action plans.

See you there!



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