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Mini-Training One Day Business Plan Part 2

Mini-Training One Day Business Plan Part 2

This is Part 2 of the free mini-training I am giving you on the One Day Business Plan.

You haven’t watched Part 1? What are you doing?

Get over to teikoh.com right now, watch the video and download the free worksheet and start on the first 2 steps before you read and watch on!

Last week in Part 1 – using the example of a restaurant –  I introduced to you the process of starting your business plan from the description of the vision, and then breaking it down into what it means in 6 key characteristics of your vision:

  1. Markets and customers;
  2. Products and services;
  3. Processes and operations;
  4. People and teams;
  5. Infrastructure and equipment; and
  6. Finance and profits.

This week, I will take you through analysing the “goals” you described last week and working out how to get there by formulating strategies and action plans.

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