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How To Grow Your Business Without Losing Your Mind!

I have spent my career finding and adapting business tools and processes so that small business owners can get to use the same tools, resources and processes to grow their businesses using the same methods large businesses use theirs.

The difference is that large businesses can afford to hire the right specialist consultants to help with their planning or their marketing or to improve business efficiency and leadership quality. And, small businesses owners just don’t have enough time to invest in Business School academic learning to use the same tools and resources.

So what I have done throughout my career is to learn about business skills and processes in Business Schools, and then adapted and translated them to meet the needs of my small business clientele. These have to be easy to follow DIY processes so that they are affordable to small business owners, not only in cost but also in the time they need to spend.

One of those key business tools is the Business Plan.

Business Plans are important for any business – including small business. Any business, no matter what the size, needs a Business Plan if they are to survive and grow in the way that the owners want them to grow. After all, growth for growth’s sake is not satisfying. It certainly does not satisfy the reason why you started your business in the first place. No, you want your business to grow, but you want to grow it in your way, arriving at the business you envisaged right from the start, and not some mutated form that just grew in any direction whatsoever.

To grow your business without losing your mind, to end up with the business you wanted from the start, you need to write your own business plan.

Below, I’ve put in a link to where you can get your free Business Planning Checklist, and also a free 4-part training video on how you can write your own business plan.

But before we get there, watch this video about how you can grow your business without chaos and without losing your mind!




In the video I explained how I have taken the same business planning process taught in Business Schools and translated it into an easy to follow 3 phase process: –

Firstly define exactly where you want to end up. This allows you to set up your measurements of what “success” really is like in your business and you define what it looks like when it has got there so that you can set up “targets” to get to. Doing this not only tells you what you want – it also tells you what you don’t want, so that you can discard any growth that does not get you ther and focus only on the type of growth that will.

Secondly, you describe exactly where your business is now. This requires a long hard, honest look. The SWOT or strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analytical tool allows you to do this dispassionately. This establishes the gaps between where you are and where you need to be.

Thirdly, you create strategies to bridge that gap. Knowing where you are in your product development, for example, and knowing what your ultimate products should deliver, allows you to plan for the development of the right product. Knowing that you want a multi=store business but also knowing that you don’t have enough capital to expand into other stores allows you to plan a capital investment strategy.

In this video, I have given you a quick mini-training on the elements of these 3 core steps. These 3 core steps are part of the wider 5-step process to write your own business plan. If you want to learn how to write your own business plan using the full 5-step process, you can get my free Business Planning Checklist, and separately, my free 4-part video training on how to write your own business plan: –

  • The checklist provides you with the 5 steps and, in each step the questions you need to answer so that you can consider what action you need to take;
  • The 4-part video training will take you through the 5 steps, showing you exactly what you need to do in each – the 20-minute videos will be delivered to you over a few days so that you have time to watch and implement before the next module arrives.

You can get the free Checklist here and the free Video-training here.

Once you confirm your email, you will be able to download your Checklist or if you get the 4-part training series, each video will then emailed to you in a timed interval so that you have time to learn, absorb, and implement.

See you there!

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