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5 Steps To Getting Your Business Organised

Those of you who have been following me will know that I have been developing a theme in my blog posts in the last few weeks.

In fact, I have an announcement to make in the video so I hope you will watch right to the end.

The theme I have been developing is how important a business plan is to any business, let alone a small business. How a simple business plan can keep you focused on your big prize; how a business plan can get you organised and remove confusion and frustration. I have also been developing the theme that you don’t need an expensive consultant to prepare your business plan for you – in fact how one that you prepare for yourself is so much better because you have intimate knowledge of your business and of your vision and purpose.

I have been developing the narrative that with your own intimate knowledge of your business, all you need is a proven process to put your thinking and your ideas together in the right order.

In order to help you do this, I have developed and am launching a new concept – the online workshop program to prepare your business plan in just one day.

This video builds on that theme and shows you all the advantages and benefits a business plan will bring you so that you can get your business organised. It will give you the 5 steps to take to get this going. Watch to the end and I’ll also talk about how you can do it for yourself in just one day.




If you’re not quite ready to invest in the Program, you can take advantage of our free offer to get our free 4-part training on how to write your business plan. This is a lecture series on the way you can get ready, define where you want to go, understand where you are now, and then create strategies to grow your business your way. It is different from the Program in that it does not include the timed audio workshops that guide you through the entire process, and that includes detailed worksheets to help you complete every step in the process.

You can get the free 4-part training series by clicking here, or you can get the full program by clicking here.

“Your One Day Business Plan” Online Workshop Program is more than just an online training product.

It goes beyond video-training modules.

If you want the process of preparing your business plan delivered to you, not only as training but also in a timed one-to-one workshop where I guide you through, in real time, all the questions you need to answer, you need to take a look at this.

You get 11 modules in this program, each with a training video and reading material to introduce the topic, then you download a worksheet and audio recording for that topic and you follow along and provide your considerations and analyses in the worksheets. The beauty of it is that everything is timed so that you can finish the program and have your business plan completed by the end of the day.

To read more about this new program, click here to get details.


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