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Communicating Change

Whatever you’re unsure of, be sure of this – change, like that other word that starts with “S”, happens!

The change can be unplanned, thrust on you, or it can be planned because you see the need to innovate and do something differently.

In either case, you need to communicate that change to all your “stakeholders” – the people who have an interest, financial or emotional, in your business and success. Please, don’t ever think of not communicating changes – planned or unplanned – that’s just poor judgement and I believe unworthy of you. If you are creating or growing your dream business, it is to create a better life for you and the people around you, and the journey has to be transparent and open.

IMHO this means that any change, planned or unplanned, has to be explained – to your spouse and family, to your co-workers and employees, to your contractors and virtual assistants, to your customers, suppliers, bankers, financial and other advisors. They are affected – they need to know.

The question is not “should I tell them”, it’s “how do I tell them so that they come on the journey with me, willingly and collaboratively”?

In this video I discuss 7 steps you should take.

Here they are again:-

  1. Explain the reasons;
  2. Explain the new opportunity;
  3. Explain the new vision;
  4. Allay fear;
  5. Explain your support;
  6. Explain the big picture of the changes; and finally
  7. Get buy-in.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with implementing change in your business, click here to post a comment under the video and tell me a way you have successfully implemented change.

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