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7 Steps To Create Better Teamwork

Teamwork doesn’t just happen. Teams are not just made up of friends.

Some of the most effective teams I have met are made up of people who don’t even see each other outside of work, who don’t even share the same interests. Yet, at work, in a team situation, they work well together, each completing a part of the whole without being asked, each contributing what they can and need to in order for the outcome to be completed efficiently and completely.

So how do you create a great team and good teamwork?

It will take time, and it needs a formal approach.

You need to get the culture right, you need to develop the right attitudes, and you need to practice.

In my video this week I walk you through 7 Steps or 7 Ways in which you can create better teamwork.



I’ll be creating an online course soon about creating teams in small businesses, but for now, why don’t you go to my website at teikoh.com and check out the many free tips, tools, resources and reading on how to provide leadership, create strategy, and grow your business.


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