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How To Write A Business Plan In Just One Day

If you own and run a small business, I don’t need to tell you about lack of time!

But at the same time, I’m sure you are also aware of how much a business plan can bring your business guidance and organisation as it plans for the growth of your business in an organised, coherent way toward your defined ultimate goal. I don’t need to tell you that a business plan will give a small business owner focus and clarity about what decisions to make, removing the feeling of chaos and frustration.

So what you need is a way to write an effective, comprehensive, actionable business plan in as little time as possible.

How does one day sound?

In this week’s slightly-longer-than-normal video, I’m showing you why a small business owner can write his or her business in just one day. I will take you through the system I use when I am consulting to my small business clients.



So there you have it – I hoped you watched the video to the end!

Remember, the key is to work through each step in turn and work instinctively so that you don’t get paralysis by analysis.

There’s plenty of time after the day’s hard work to polish what you have written.

In the video, I talked about a free eBook, Checklist and 4-part training video series. You can get the free eBook Checklist here, and you can sign up for the free 4-part video training here.

But following a training video works only for some people. Others might like a coach asking them questions as they think and work through the steps. If you think that might be you, take a look at my online program called Your One Day Business Plan Online Workshop Program.

Your One Day Business Plan Online Workshop Program is so much more than a series of training videos. You get lifetime access to a timed program for you to follow and complete in just one day. Organised in 11 modules, each module starts with a short training video and reading material to explain the concepts of the work, then you download a worksheet and an audio workshop to work through the topic. The audio recording is timed and coaches you on how to complete the worksheets so that you keep on track and keep going. At the end of the day, the final module is about how you can collate your work in the right order, and establish actionable monitoring and evaluation systems so that you are accountable.

Read more about this exciting program here before you finally make up your own mind.

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