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The Product Development Process

So, you have a new idea for a new product or a new service, and you’re really excited about it. Well done you!

The question is how do you go from new idea to development and launch?

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’m all about systematising processes. My career has come to today, where I have used all my experience and training – over 35 plus years of working with entrepreneurs and small businesses – to use existing proven methodologies and create simple to use systems for my clients. There’s no need for you to read loads of books and “try” theories – I’ve done it for you.

Which means I have a system for developing and launching a new product or service! It’s one of 55 really useful management tools that I have collated into my book called “The Management Toolbox” available from Amazon.

The Product Development Process is a 6 step process that begins generating the idea and ends (if the steps have been successfully hurdled) with the product launch.

In the video below I’ll take you through the Product development Process.

Let’s summarise those steps:-

  1. Generate the idea;
  2. Test the concept;
  3. Design it;
  4. Product test;
  5. Market test; and
  6. Product launch.

And remember, this is important – the steps are hurdles, each a test of the validity of the original idea.

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