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Starting a business involves sacrifices – what might they be?

Well, the title says it all. Starting your own business involves making sacrifices. I’m sure you have been thinking of some of them already but I think it’s useful to be prepared for what might come.

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding. It’s usually about following a dream. Some of you are perhaps a little more down to earth. “Oh no'” you say, “it’s not a dream, I just want to work for myself!”

Well, that’s a dream isn’t it? Whatever the form, you have decided to start your own business to achieve something – your independence, a lifestyle, to make a difference, to be recognised, to create.

However the reality for most of us is that the startup phase is long and hard. Your dream is not going to be achieved in that first few months or even year. In that time you have to work hard, work smart, spend a lot of time on it, choose to invest in it instead of something else. This is when the sacrifices start to be asked of you.

So, it’s better to recognise that some of these sacrifices will have to be met now rather than be surprised by them. But remember your dream – that’s why you are making these sacrifices.

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