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Planning Is About Gap Analysis



There is a common misconception that planning is all about the future.

Huh? Wait – Planning is not about looking ahead?

That’s not what I mean – I mean, planning is not all about the future. It is about the present and the future.

Planning is all about gap analysis – where are you now; where do you want to go, and how do you bridge that gap?

People often start their planning with listing all their goals and objectives.

But where do these come from? More often than not they get plucked from a wish list that bears no relationship to the big picture of where they want to go, and the reality of whether they have the current resources to get there.

That’s like starting a meal and saying you want roast beef, then opening the fridge and finding you have no meat!

You need to find out what the gap is between where you are and where you want to go, and you can download a free worksheet to help you start working that out, while you watch this video.



In reality working out the gaps before you formulate strategies is a deep and complex process. You do need to define your vision (the future state) and analyse the present – but you can make a start.

Download your free worksheet and then:

  1. Describe the vision for your business – detail what your business will look like, how it will serve, who it will serve, what people working in it or connected with it will say about it, what it will mean to you and your family.
  2. Break down this description by asking what you want from the business (and how it will look like) within 6 categories being the market, the product, your processes, your people, the business’ infrastructure and equipment, and its finances and profits.
  3. Then look at each category as it exists and do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for each category. What’s wrong with it; what’s right with it.
  4. From this identify gaps between where you are now and the vision.

Then, and only then can you strategise.

So, get your free Gap Analysis Worksheet here.

Once you’ve completed it, why don’t you get back to the website at teikoh.com and leave a comment by this blog post to tell us what you found out about your business?

While you’re there, you might be interested in my online training program called The One Day Business Plan. In it I take you through a series of video lessons and ask you to work with me through a series of worksheets to prepare your One Day Business Plan. See you there!

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