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Don’t leave a seminar without taking at least one action!

I’m sure that you’ve attended a seminar or webinar, watched an instructional video or presentation, and thought “wow, I really learned from that, I can really use some of that stuff!”

But be honest, have you?

My own principle is that if I walk away having learned one thing, it’s been a valuable experience – but only if I use that one thing!

So I impose a rule on myself – I never leave a seminar or training presentation without immediately taking at least one action.

I don’t care what that single action is – just do it – and you will find that it builds a momentum of its own and the next thing you know you’ll think of the next action.

It might be to make a call and discuss what you learned, it may be to make a change in your business, it may be to follow the training and map out a process to implement it on the back of an envelope – whatever it is take that action, then work out what the next action is and when you intend to do it.

This is the way to turn the value from attending a seminar to the value of using what you learned, otherwise it’s a waste of money. And before you start with your “yes, but” comments, I do realise that immediately after you leave the seminar you are likely to get back to ringing telephones and problems, but do you want to live in a world of problems or do you want to move to a world of improvement and growth? One small step leads to another and you’ll end up running to victory!

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