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What You Might Not Know About Business Plans

If you are a small business owner looking for a reliable, structured way to grow your business your way, then you probably already know that a business plan can integrate all of your ideas about how to grow your business. You will probably have read and watched my blog post talking about how 80% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years, and of those that survive, the majority describe themselves as “struggling” rather than “successful”.

But here’s what you might not know – even if you are lucky enough to be running your small business without feeling the frustration of putting in all the hard work every day but feeling like you’re not getting anywhere fast, having your own comprehensive and actionable business plan will let you define exactly where you want to get to, help you get organised by setting long, medium and short-term goals, set you up with a clear strategic direction and effective strategies to implement to get you there, and allow you to write detailed step-by-step Action Plans that you can implement on a day-to-day basis to keep you on track toward your ultimate goal.

However, even though the need to write a business plan is a no-brainer, the actual process of how to write an effective and actionable business plan is anything but!

You may even have tried it before. Most people do it in one of three ways.

They buy a book and try to follow it.

They buy a training video or online course and listen to the lectures.

They hire an expensive consultant.

But here’s why these three methods usually don’t work for a small business.

Without a very clear and logical process to follow in a guided step-by-step procedure, most busy small business owners get lost in the learning, leave too much time in between each step, and can’t find the time to read up or watch the lessons. If they use a consultant, they find that the consultant simply rehashes the formula with their own experiences, and without taking into account the detailed differences of the specific small business owner. The small business owner becomes confused – their new strategies don’t connect as a single cohesive set of actions, they pack too much into it, they become unrealistic, then demoralised, and then they give up altogether.

Spending time like this in the wrong way can be crippling to you and your business.

As a busy small business owner with customers to serve, finances to look after, people to supervise, you really cannot afford to waste any time walking into dead ends. Everything that you do must be productive. The frustration of doing something – or paying for something – that gives you no benefit while there’s so much else to do will crush you. An unrealistic business plan, written by someone who doesn’t know your business will set you back years.

But, writing an effective business plan that is immediately capable of being implemented can bring you great benefits and win you the scarce commodity of time. You need to get it right!

Luckily for you, 80% of your competitors will fail because they don’t have an effective business plan to guide them, but you can.

Last week I opened the cart on my online workshop program called “Your One Day Business Plan.”

It is the most comprehensive one-day business planning program for small business that you can find.

I synthesised over 30 years of learning and street-experience helping small business owners become successful into a comprehensive, step-by-step process to prepare your own business plan in just one day. Your One Day Business Plan is not just an online training program on how to write your own business plan, it is a recorded real-time online workshop that allows me to guide you through the completion of exercises and worksheets during timed workshop sessions. It is designed especially for busy small business owners to give them a business plan and implementation program so that they can work toward the attainment of their vision and their successful business and lifestyle.

I have designed this program to give members both value and effectiveness.

The value comes from leveraging new technology. Using video recording, audio workshop facilitation recording, download worksheets and reading, delivery through the internet lets me deliver an $8,000 face-to-face program for $197 online.

The effectiveness comes from the design.

Through 11 modules, all timed to be capable of completion within a day, each module provides a video explanation of each topic, provides further reading for those who prefer their information on a printed page, downloads worksheets for completion and – this is the unique design – downloads a timed audio recording of a workshop taking you through the completion of the worksheets. The audio recording prompts you for ideas, allows you time to work through the questions, and serves as if it were me directly in front of you pushing you to think about your business and come up with your great ideas in a properly designed sequence.

If you want to read in greater detail about what Your One Day Business Plan can do for you then click on this link before you make up your mind to buy. Make sure you check out how I make it risk-free for you by providing a 30-day money back guarantee if you do the work and find that it does not give you an effective business plan.

However, time is running out!

As I said I opened the cart last week and it will close in 6 days’ time!

Once you have bought the program it is accessible to you for life. This means that you can repeat the workshop every year, writing your annual business plans to carry you on your journey. Having it accessible to you for life means that you get my annual upgrades and improvements, and further bonuses, for free!

There’s no guarantee that the price will not increase in time so if you want to make sure that you take this opportunity now, click on this link here.

Don’t take too long in case you miss out!

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