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How to get ready for a major event

The episode this week is about you, the business owner, rather than being about your business per se.

I thought it would be useful to discuss how you might get ready for a major event.

Now this might be a sales presentation you have to make, or perhaps getting ready to attend a meeting, or giving a speech, or any kind of event that you as business owner could find yourself involved in. As I was about to rush off to the airport to fly to an event where I was giving a keynote speech, I found myself with a few spare minutes and pondered how I actually got myself ready for an event such as this. So I sat in front of my computer and decided to share it with you.

To summarise, this is what I do:-

  1. Firstly I work on my psychology. I get myself prepared for what and how I will present or talk. Working with the way I think and react gets me ready to “perform” in front of people, sets myself up for the “mood” I should be in.
  2. Then I work on the content – and I rehearse – a lot!
  3. Finally I take my mind off it and relax.

So tell me how you do it? Try the tips I gave here and then tell me if it works for you.

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