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How To Find A Good Adviser Or Consultant

When you are starting your own business, it is so important to have a circle of advisers around you.

While you may be a subject-matter expert in your services or product, there are so many aspects of running a new business where you need experts, or at the very least people who are experienced enough to lead you to the right experts.

From time to time, you will need a good accountant, a good lawyer, perhaps an IT guy or a marketing expert, someone who knows about hiring staff, maybe even a good leasing agent or a finance broker.

But how do you find them – and even more importantly, how do you find a good one?

You can download a free checklist here on How To Find A Good Adviser Or Consultant.

Your adviser’s skill and experience are important, sure. But it’s even more important that you get along with them.

You may discuss your financial affairs with a really good accountant – but if you can’t understand what they are saying to you, how can you use their experience?

Sitting in front of the best lawyer is what you hope for, but if you’re not sure you can trust what they are saying, you will not follow their advice.

Most people will choose an adviser based on price – but price is not always right. Their low price might be a reflection of their lack of experience. You get what you pay for. So how do you choose? I deal with this in my online video training course called How To Start Your Own Business available from my website, but for the moment, let’s go through some basics:



Here are some basics:-

  1. Check that your personalities match – can you get along with them? Do they communicate well or are they always using technical terms you don’t understand?
  2. Is their service suitable for you? As a very small business, perhaps you don’t need the services of an international full-service law firm but only need the services of the neighbourhood commercial lawyers.
  3. Ask how they will interact with you – will it be through the telephone, email or face to face? Which suits you?
  4. Then go through a series of checks to make sure that their service – and the way they do business – suits you, including price.

You can download a free 3 page checklist of 19 questions on How To Find A Good Adviser Or Consultant Here.

Remember, good advisers shouldn’t cost you money – good ones make you money or save you money.

Make sure you do your “due diligence” and find a good one.

Now, why not write some comments below about how you found your advisers – and what lessons you might have learned?

See you next week!


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