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The Six Business Success Factors
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The Six Business Success Factors

Last year, I woke up one morning in November and realised that I had been working with small business owners for over 40 years!

It did cause me to give thanks for the opportunity to learn about the concerns and struggles of small business owners because the last 40 years have been an excellent school to learn about what works and what does not. It’s been the living research program where I’ve learned about theoretical principles and models from Business Schools in that period, but what I’ve seen at the coalface has translated all that academic learning into some practical understanding.

All that experience has helped me to identify the six success factors that every small business needs to develop in order to become successful, so I decided to write a free Guide to share these success factors.

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Keep Getting Value From Teik Oh Dot Com

This week is not a how-to article or video.

I just wanted to take some time out and announce new ways for you to keep getting value from my website, teikoh.com



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