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Entrepreneurial Leadership – Take These 5 Steps
Are You An Entrepreneur, Or Are You Really A Hard-working Employee?
What to do when business isn’t great Part 1

Entrepreneurial Leadership – Take These 5 Steps

Probably the strongest characteristic I know that is shared by successful entrepreneurs is the ability to take something complicated and turn it into something simple.

People with this successful trait are able to listen to partially related conversations, disjointed argument, complicated ideas other people are struggling to put together, and see the big picture before boiling it down to a simple conclusion. Perhaps they describe the essential idea simply, or distill it to 2 or 3 important steps, that encompass everyone’s thinking into a simple actionable idea or plan.

The second strongest characteristic amongst successful entrepreneurs I know is that they are able to combine their ability to get to the root of the issue and then, with clear leadership, turn it into a success factor for their company. This may be as simple as subtly taking over the conversation whilst allowing people to take the glory, or shifting mindsets so that the required daily actions seem so small and actionable. They do this in such a way that everyone understands the issue and the solution, everyone feels included, everyone understands the clarity of the objective, and everyone feels happy to contribute.

In talking to these successful entrepreneurs that I admire, I find that they come from all sorts of backgrounds and are in all sorts of industries, even including the not-for-profit industry. So it’s not all about making the profit, it’s about the clarity of thought and leadership that brings success to the venture.

In talking to these entrepreneurial leaders, I have discerned 5 areas of focus for them.

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Are You An Entrepreneur, Or Are You Really A Hard-working Employee?

Most of my readers are entrepreneurs and small business owners, so they would be surprised at the premise in the title of this week’s article.

Are you an entrepreneur – a small business owner – or are you actually a hard-working employee – for yourself?

A lot of my readers won’t want to hear this, but you must.

Successful entrepreneurs are driven. But then successful hard-working employees are also driven. But what drives them are two different things. A hard-working employee is driven to be good at their job. They take pride in a job well done. They work hard to make sure it is done well. When their entrepreneur bosses push these successful employees the reaction is often anger and frustration.

Successful employees deeply believe that they are doing their best and working hard. They are – but in their jobs. In their job description, within the parameters, working hard at the procedure or in the technology, putting in the hours…as an employee.

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What to do when business isn’t great Part 1

I’m always writing and talking about how to grow your business. That’s my focus – to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create effective strategies to lead their business into a long term and sustainable affair so that they can achieve their dream of financial and time independence.

However, there is a reality out there that sometimes business might not be great. It might be a macro-economic effect of the global economy, or it might be micro-economic in that your sector just isn’t doing well. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with how you run your business, and that’s the truth.

So what can you do when business isn’t going great for you at this time?

Rather than do nothing and let it wash over you, look at things you can do proactively. In this talk, and in the next couple of weeks, I’ll give you a few ideas about what you can do.


So there’s a couple of ideas – and there’s more over the next couple of weeks. Make sure you review the obvious, as well as the not so obvious.

If you feel able to share, I’d love to hear from you about your ideas – click here to post a comment on this video in the blog.


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