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How Systems Can Change The World (or at least your sanity)
From Purpose To Systems

How Systems Can Change The World (or at least your sanity)

There was the Stone Age.

In the Stone Age, small business owners learned the best ways of doing things. Then, they hired staff and they tried to get their staff to do those same things the way they had done them earlier.

Of course, their staff tried to follow. But the small business owner had other tasks to do, so they left their staff alone. But somehow, their staff could not do those things in exactly the same way the owner did them before. Something was always forgotten, one step perhaps, or a key ingredient. The small business owners got frustrated. They showed their staff again. Over time, their staff again kept missing something. In fact. left on their own, their staff often found different ways of doing those things. They thought it was better, but the owners did not agree! In fact, services started to suffer. Their customers just weren’t as satisfied as when the owners did things for them. They complained that each time they bought something, they got something different. I mean, when Fred ordered a Brontosaurus Burger, he expected it to taste the same every time. Yet, sometimes it was served rare, sometimes well done; sometimes it had lost of sauce, sometimes none. What was going on?

So the poor Stone Age small business owner had to keep re-training his people and more often than not had to go back and do it himself. This really was stopping his ability to grow and open more stores because he spent so much of his time training staff, correcting mistakes or doing things himself. He was driving himself insane!

Then came systems, and the world changed!

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From Purpose To Systems

Do you find that in your business, even if you employ people, you are doing many of the important things yourself? Do you find it hard to find time for yourself because you’re always needed in the business because nobody else can do what you do? Do you find that you can’t scale (grow) your business because there’s only one reliable you?

When I started my business I knew that the only way it would survive was if I built it to grow. That meant it had to be scalable, allowing me to employ others or use contractors, but I had to be able to rely on them. So I started my business with built-in systems and they have been powerful in allowing me to provide my clients with predictable, quality services every single time.

On the other hand, I have also consulted to other businesses which had systems. Only they were not capable of consistently applying them and their systems became forgotten or filed into a manual somewhere – a “Standard Operating Procedure” file that was never standard and had trouble operating.


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