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A Business Plan From A Few Simple Questions

A Business Plan From A Few Simple Questions

Let’s start with the premise that you need a business plan (believe me you do!).

But who’s got time, right? If you’re a solopreneur you’re probably juggling your (so-called) worklife balance. If you have a team, how do you get everyone to take some time out to sit down together for a few days?

Unfortunately you do need a business plan. Not having one is like being the Captain on a jetliner with no flight plan. Sure you can take off and fly in a straight line, but where are you going? How fast should you fly, and does the amount of fuel you have allow that speed? Is there any weather ahead, and should you fly through it or above it? What happens if storms delay your progress, do you fly an alternative route or land somewhere else?

Your business plan needs to define the vision you are working towards, set the milestones or goals along the way, and work out how to get there with the resources you need. But it needn’t be complicated if you can’t set the time aside – it just needs a clear enough path. One that you can detail later when you have the time. Read More

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