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Six Keys To Business Success
Decided To Start Your Own Business? What Next?
Small Business in COVID-19: Annual Business Planning
Three Reasons Why Leadership Grows Your Business
Small Business in COVID-19: Planning Your Way To Recovery

Six Keys To Business Success

Small businesses succeed because their owners do some critical things well.

At times like this when the world is not helping you, when the pandemic shuts your city down, when the economy is in freefall, it seems obvious that we need to apply some emergency strategies as I wrote about in May this year.

But what is less obvious is that any crisis strategy you take to keep your business afloat, even those I recommended, is still based on the key business principles you need to have in your business, whether you are starting up, looking to grow, or reviewing your ability to survive, change or pivot.

Every strategy and tactic to employ now – as they are when you are in the growth phase – should be focused on the six keys to business success.

Even with multiple strategies and tactics in your plans, only those that reinforce these six key attributes are deserving of the focus right now, especially now when you can’t waste time on non-critical use of time and other resources.

If you look after these six key factors, you will be able to do what you plan to do, every time.

In this week’s post, I’d like to explain what these six fundamental attributes are, and how you can apply them in a simple six-day challenge to sustain or grow your small business.

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Decided To Start Your Own Business? What Next?

Have you had enough of working for someone else and decided to start your own business?

Have you just started a new business and it’s in its infancy?

In either case, you may be asking yourself the question “well, here I am, what next?”

Let’s go through a logical number of things you should do when you have decided to start your own business, or even if you have already started but are a bit overwhelmed in those early days.

By the way, I’ve written a free report and checklist about starting your own business which you can get from here.

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Small Business in COVID-19: Annual Business Planning

Here we are in June and COVID-19 is still with us in some form or other.

For many small businesses, we are still in or starting recovery mode. To use the war analogy, the wounds are still sore and we are wary.

As I engage with Teik Oh Dot Com’s members who are using our online products, a large proportion are still working from home, or have rostered their team into the office to keep numbers down. Things are still quiet and it is clear that “normality” is a long way away.

This sense of being quiet and watching to see what will happen can lead to a dead-end though!

Now, more than ever, it’s true that “if you do nothing, a very strange thing happens – nothing!”

So, despite business being quiet, despite our fears and worries making us psychologically frozen, despite not knowing what’s around the corner, we still need to plan ahead.

Here’s what you need to do.

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Three Reasons Why Leadership Grows Your Business

As a small business owner, you may be up to your armpits in fixing a bushfire or working after hours keeping up with the bookkeeping.

You hear about people saying that a business needs leadership to guide it to success and maybe you think that’s fine for some but in the real world, it’s pretty much BS!

Where have you got the time?

And anyway you own and run a small business. At best you only have a handful of people working for you and they seem to be doing what they’re told!

Well, let me take a few minutes of your time and show you why Leadership will help you grow your business into the successful business you want – that successful business you dream about but maybe don’t really think you can build.

I’ll give you three reasons why Leadership grows your business.

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Small Business in COVID-19: Planning Your Way To Recovery

It looks like more and more restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic are being relaxed.

For those of us in small business, this is great news.

Some of us may still be wary and worried about contracting the disease as these restrictions are lifted, but even so, we’ll be relieved we can try to get back to business as usual.

But you probably know as I do, that this will take time.

So, it’s important to take some steps now so that we are as prepared as possible for the time when all restrictions are removed.

I have five things for you to think about.

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