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Your Unconventional Guide to Hiring Staff for Your Small Business Startup
The 4 Stages of a Growth-Minded Small Business
Three Marketing Plan Success Stories To Inspire You
6 Key Must-Haves In Your Business
The Prospecting Sales Funnel

Your Unconventional Guide to Hiring Staff for Your Small Business Startup

Unless you are starting a micro-work-from-home business, you are likely to be hiring staff when you start your small business.

It is tempting to follow the conventional route and figure out what skills you need to have in your business to support you, and then advertise for those skills, and hopefully find someone who can do the work. Then, as your business grows, you do it again.

However, as a first-time employer, and in a new business, this can have some risks attached.

Hustle Life has found that the lack of managerial experience in the owner accounts for business failure in 30% of the cases.

This lack of experience creates risks if you follow the conventional route. What are these risks?

Firstly, if you hire someone now, will they still be required in a few years’ time once the business has grown? Or will the skills required have grown as well? Then, how confident are you that the skills the candidate shows suits the purpose, especially as the position is new and you have nothing to compare it against? Perhaps they show the right qualifications and experience on their resume, but how do you judge character, will they “fit” in with your style? Will the candidate show responsibility in the tasks you want them to be responsible for?

Many startup small business owners take the plunge, gradually learn from experience, and get better at it. But that is a long and painful journey on the road to finding the right people.

So what if you turned the model on its head and instead of relying on conventional business practice, relying on what you do know – your vision and your reading of people’s attitudes?

I have an unconventional way to look at hiring staff for your small business startup.

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The 4 Stages of a Growth-Minded Small Business

Here at Teik Oh Dot Com, I aim to be a one-stop-shop for growth-minded small business owners, where they can go to get inspiring and practical ideas to improve their business and become successful.

While I offer different tools and give advice for small business owners at different levels of development, I thought it might be useful to describe the way a small business can develop, and what their owners need to think about at each stage.

Knowing which level of development you are in is important because you can then focus on the different aspects of your business that need special attention at each different stage. A growing small business will usually go through 4 stages of development.

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Three Marketing Plan Success Stories To Inspire You

As you know, Teik Oh Dot Com offers an online workshop program called SMART Marketing to help busy small business owners write their focused marketing plan . It is based on my book of the same name available from Amazon.

You will also have read and seen my blog posts and YouTube videos on the 7 easy steps to follow to write your focused and actionable marketing plan to grow your sales, and you may even have subscribed to my freebies on winning more customers using the SMART Marketing Plan techniques (if you haven’t you can get them here for free). Teik Oh Dot Com is all about giving small business owners practical and useful tools to improve their businesses and build success.

One of my subscribers who read these posts suggested that I write about some examples of how people used the SMART Marketing Plan formula to increase their sales.

What a great idea! I’m calling you out, Richard!

So here are some marketing plan success stories to inspire you.

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6 Key Must-Haves In Your Business

When you are starting a business, or even as you grow it from the start and enter into a steady period of consolidation and wish to review your performance, it is useful to take a step back from the nuts and bolts of starting or running your business and consider what makes up a business.

Sure, you must have (hopefully) a great product or service and you must have customers.

But what makes up a successful business? What are the key ingredients you must have?

I created Teik Oh Dot Com in order to help small business owners implement these key ingredients that together make up a successful business, to be the small business owner’s one place to go to in order to find the practical processes to improve their business and become successful. You can subscribe to get these free tools and resources delivered directly to you by clicking on this link and signing up.

Importantly, I believe that when you start your business, you need to focus on six key must-haves in your business to set you up for success.

So let’s dive into the 6 key must-haves in your business.

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The Prospecting Sales Funnel

Business is all about systems.

Even in the unpredictable world of attracting customers and making sure that they hear your message and grow more toward becoming customers, there are proven step by step systems that you can use to increase your chances of winning the prospect.

All marketing and sales techniques are based on the prospecting sales funnel. This technique describes how you move potential customers from being prospects to becoming customers. The journey is like moving them down a funnel until they ultimately buy from you.

What is it based on?

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