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A Business Plan From A Few Simple Questions
How Do You Build A Great Corporate Culture?
Business Plans – Why and How
Contents of a Business Plan
Build Value In Your Business By Going Away For Three Months!

A Business Plan From A Few Simple Questions

Let’s start with the premise that you need a business plan (believe me you do!).

But who’s got time, right? If you’re a solopreneur you’re probably juggling your (so-called) worklife balance. If you have a team, how do you get everyone to take some time out to sit down together for a few days?

Unfortunately you do need a business plan. Not having one is like being the Captain on a jetliner with no flight plan. Sure you can take off and fly in a straight line, but where are you going? How fast should you fly, and does the amount of fuel you have allow that speed? Is there any weather ahead, and should you fly through it or above it? What happens if storms delay your progress, do you fly an alternative route or land somewhere else?

Your business plan needs to define the vision you are working towards, set the milestones or goals along the way, and work out how to get there with the resources you need. But it needn’t be complicated if you can’t set the time aside – it just needs a clear enough path. One that you can detail later when you have the time. Read More

How Do You Build A Great Corporate Culture?

I have been trying to find the exact quote but not had success. Peter Drucker, the renowned 20th century management consultant and management author is said to have said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Despite not being able to find the exact citation, the phrase certainly paraphrases much of Peter Drucker’s work.

So what is corporate culture, and why is it so kick-ass?

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Business Plans – Why and How

OK, you’ve heard me talk about business plans before.

And if you haven’t, what? You really need to check this out at https://teikoh.com/?s=business+plan

Well, this week I’m going to talk about what the business planning process involves, and how you have to include the “why” of your business, why does it exist?

You see, people forget that business plans are written to be read. Yes, that’s a revolutionary thought isn’t it?

People think that business plans are boring internal documents that you write so that you can follow them step by step to grow your business. No. That’s called a to-do checklist.

Business plans are written to be read – by you, by your team, by outside investors, by supporters, by people close to you. Yes, they form the basis of what you have to do in order to grow your business – but more than that, a business plan is a story of what you have to do in order to grow your business to become the business that you want. This takes much more than a list of things that are your goals and a list of actions to achieve those goals. This means that your business plan has to be a reminder, an inspiration, it must attract people, it must make them want to be part of your story as an investor, as a team member, as a customer, as a fan.

So, let’s take a look at the why and how of the business plan process.

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Contents of a Business Plan

People often ask me “what should I put into my Business Plan?”

I thought I’d deal with that this week and talk about the contents of a Business Plan.

This video is part of my online course “How To Start Your Own Business”.

If you are a startup entrepreneur, or someone who is good at what you do and while working for someone else you think that you can “do it better” it’s useful to understands the steps you have to take in starting your own business.

Of course, once you have worked out your personal strengths and weaknesses, tested the feasibility of your idea and designed the right business model for you, you will need to prepare a Business Plan. Your Business Plan clarifies for you what you have to do to get to your ultimate goal, and it shows others (financiers, supporters) how you have thought through the business-building process.



If you are interested in finding our more about my online course “How To Start Your Own Business” click here.

Even if you already have a business, I think you will find a couple of nuggets there that you can use, like how to design the right Business Model for you, and the questions you ask before you choose your accountant, lawyer or IT professional.

I give weekly tips and tools to grow your business from my blog, so if you don;t want to miss out, why don’t you go to teikoh.com and sign up to get these free ideas delivered directly to your inbox.

Build Value In Your Business By Going Away For Three Months!

Has the title of this week’s article got your attention?

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners you are probably struggling with your work-life balance, right? You are working long hours, sometimes weekends, when you go on vacation you can’t help feeling the guilt, your phone or tablet is always on and always calling for your attention even at all hours of the night. Yet the reason you started your own business, apart from the passionate belief in what you are doing is…getting time to do what you want.

Just stop for 10 minutes (yes, you can!). Ask yourself why you aren’t able to find that “life” part of the balance. Do these reasons sound familiar?

  • I need to really pour myself into this to make enough money at the moment
  • I’m really busy because I can’t afford someone else to do some of the work
  • It’s all in my head so I can’t let go
  • I haven’t broken through financially yet
  • I’m ultimately responsible
  • As I expand there’s even more work to do
  • Only I can do it
  • There’s just so much to do
  • The work comes with success

Think about those reasons just for a minute. They all come down to the fact that there seems to be a lot to do and you are the only one available or capable of doing it. Read More

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