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7 Keys To Be A Leader In Your Business
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How Do You Build A Great Corporate Culture?
Entrepreneurial Leadership – Take These 5 Steps
Three Lessons For A Small Business In A Competitive Market

7 Keys To Be A Leader In Your Business

I hope your business is growing well. I don’t know when you started your business, but if it is growing well, and perhaps on the way you envisaged, you will have hit that stage where you are no longer the do-er.

When you first started, like me, you probably did everything. Nothing was beneath you, not even cleaning the office!

But as your business grew, and you hired staff, and the number of staff grew, doing everything yourself was no longer feasible. Your role changed, from being that specialist expert in your trade to being a generalist having to know a bit about everything in the running of the business – despite the fact that you just couldn’t do it all yourself.

Sound familiar? Guess what? You’ve moved from do-er to leader!

You are no longer expected to solve every problem, but you are expected to set the agenda and leads the way for everyone.

How do you do that? What do you need to do in order to transition? Read More

Keep Getting Value From Teik Oh Dot Com

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How Do You Build A Great Corporate Culture?

I have been trying to find the exact quote but not had success. Peter Drucker, the renowned 20th century management consultant and management author is said to have said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Despite not being able to find the exact citation, the phrase certainly paraphrases much of Peter Drucker’s work.

So what is corporate culture, and why is it so kick-ass?

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Entrepreneurial Leadership – Take These 5 Steps

Probably the strongest characteristic I know that is shared by successful entrepreneurs is the ability to take something complicated and turn it into something simple.

People with this successful trait are able to listen to partially related conversations, disjointed argument, complicated ideas other people are struggling to put together, and see the big picture before boiling it down to a simple conclusion. Perhaps they describe the essential idea simply, or distill it to 2 or 3 important steps, that encompass everyone’s thinking into a simple actionable idea or plan.

The second strongest characteristic amongst successful entrepreneurs I know is that they are able to combine their ability to get to the root of the issue and then, with clear leadership, turn it into a success factor for their company. This may be as simple as subtly taking over the conversation whilst allowing people to take the glory, or shifting mindsets so that the required daily actions seem so small and actionable. They do this in such a way that everyone understands the issue and the solution, everyone feels included, everyone understands the clarity of the objective, and everyone feels happy to contribute.

In talking to these successful entrepreneurs that I admire, I find that they come from all sorts of backgrounds and are in all sorts of industries, even including the not-for-profit industry. So it’s not all about making the profit, it’s about the clarity of thought and leadership that brings success to the venture.

In talking to these entrepreneurial leaders, I have discerned 5 areas of focus for them.

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Three Lessons For A Small Business In A Competitive Market

It’s a tough world for small business out there right now. When you see global interest rates at record lows, you know the world economy ain’t exactly “booming”!

So if you own a small business and you see customers saving money and choosing wisely about how, where and when they spend their money, what can you do?

Well luckily we have three lessons we can learn from previous tough times.

The first lesson is how to cope with disruption. We know that whenever political, economic social, technological, legislative and environmental changes take place, old business models get disrupted. Take the old manufacturers of camera films – their business was being disrupted, so what did they do…or not do?

Then there’s the lesson about how people talking about you can carve a niche for your business. Early Apple computers became beloved by early-adopters because they “heard” so much about them.

Finally, what about the lesson from being able to provide customers with certainty. How many remember Coca Cola’s foray into “new” taste?



In a tough business world you have to innovate, stay relevant, and make sure people remember you – and you have to do it over and over again.

In a disrupted competitive market, small players can win if they offer a better customer experience.

Social media, depending on your small business, can be multiple times more effective than traditional advertising.

Find the right balance between flexibility and having established processes so that customers experience certainty, but also have a tailored experience.

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