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Risk Management Planning for the Coronavirus
How You Can Prepare Your Business Plan In One Day
What Is A Business Plan And Other FAQ’s
Take Just 5 Steps to Plan And Organise For Growth
Writing A Business Plan – Case Studies

Risk Management Planning for the Coronavirus

I know that I have only just published my usual weekly blog post, but as one of my clients said to me, “we live in interesting times.”

I wanted to quickly put out there what a small business can do in relation to risk management planning the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on their businesses.

But first, let’s get things into perspective.

Do not panic. Do not spread rumours and myths. Do not subscribe to the mob mentality that is now on display in supermarkets across the country. Get your information from trusted medical sources including government health departments and information sites.

However, in these “interesting times” it is prudent to be over-cautious in preparing for how the coronavirus can affect your business, so let’s get into what risk management planning you should be doing.

Let me give you a “checklist” of risk-mitigation procedures and strategies to implement in your small business – no need to give me your email, no need to download – here it is.

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How You Can Prepare Your Business Plan In One Day

This week I want to show you how you can prepare your Business Plan for your small business in just one day.

I have written extensively about how every small business must have a business plan. Businesses don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

If you struggle every day while working hard, to get to where you want to go, to build that incredible business you can one day look back on and be proud of – but you’re not getting anywhere because you are getting “caught up”, that’s because you don’t have a business plan.

A business plan sets up the goalposts describing exactly what you want at the end of the day, and it sets up the roadmap to get you there. With the goalposts clearly in front of you and a detailed roadmap, you will know what is important to work at on a day-to-day basis, what to do, when to do it, and in what order.

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What Is A Business Plan And Other FAQ’s

I’m all about planning and especially about making sure your small business has every chance of success by mapping out your own tailored Business Plan.

I’ve opened the cart this week on my online business planning guided workshop called “Your One Day Business Plan”.

While I have written extensively about business planning, how it can help a small business grow, how indeed the lack of one could sink a business, people still ask me questions about business planning, and they ask me questions about how “Your One Day Business Plan” can help them.

So, I thought I would take this post to answer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that I am always being asked.

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Take Just 5 Steps to Plan And Organise For Growth

Like many small business owners, you are probably one of the hardest workers I know.

But unfortunately, all that hard work is not translating to the business transformation you have been envisioning, so what you need is a breakthrough event or activity that will take your business into the next leap of growth.

Let’s debunk some myths, though.

Such an event or activity does not just happen. Your business does not just automatically take a great leap forward if you work hard enough!

You have to create a clear path that you can follow that builds each stage of growth and you have to consistently follow it.

I believe the facts are clear if you study successful businesses, as I have been doing for the last 40 years. A small business needs to deliberately and consciously plan ahead in order to achieve success. A small business owner needs to recognise that working hard as an expert tradesman or a highly proficient professional cannot achieve *that* success of building a business you can look back on and be proud of without some strategic thinking as a leader, not just a doer. Read More

Writing A Business Plan – Case Studies

As you know, I offer an online automated workshop called “Your One Day Business Plan“.

I have designed this online workshop specifically for small business owners who are short of time but want to get the benefits of preparing their own business plan.

Small business owners stressed about their time and having to fit in all they have to do, don’t want to spend weeks following an online training course and then having to try to apply their learning without guidance. The best way to get to a productive business plan is to focus in on the important aspects that give you a clear vision for your business, and understanding of where you are now so that you can identify the gaps, and the strategies to bridge those gaps, as well as detailed action-plans to concentrate and focus on over the next year. Doing this step by step allows you to move straight into implementation, and an accountability system keeps you on track.

My program is designed to be completed in one day – sure, a tough, hard-working day, but eminently do-able because it’s been timed in real-time. It is also designed to keep introductory “lessons” short, just to introduce the exercise and why you do it, then going straight into an audio workshop session where you are prompted with leading questions to complete the worksheets provided. The worksheets then get organised into the business plan itself.

I am currently reviewing this program and I sought the help of a couple of members. Their experiences are a great help to me as case studies and I thought I’d share them here. Read More

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