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Small Business Marketing Made Easy – Your Messages

Small Business Marketing Made Easy – Your Messages

This week I’m going to give you a challenge that will focus your marketing on your ideal customer.

The Logic of Marketing is one of the Six Business Success Factors that I have consistently found – in 40 years’ of working with small businesses – that successful businesses all possess.

Even if you feel you don’t have the skills, or that you are too busy, or that you can’t afford it, you cannot deny that your business needs to market itself to customers.

What stops us is that we think it’s too expensive, or we don’t know how to start because we don’t know enough about it.

So, we “market” by talking about our product, we hang signs on our doors, or we place the odd advertisement on social media or in a newspaper.

What if I were to show you the Logic of Marketing and how easy it is to start?

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