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5 Things About Startups Your Friends Won’t Tell You
How To Grow A Successful Small Business
Risk Management Planning for the Coronavirus
How The Right Marketing Message Creates Impact
What Your Customers Love About Benefits

5 Things About Startups Your Friends Won’t Tell You

Are you thinking of starting a new small business?

Exciting times!

But there’s plenty to do – you may even be starting to get overwhelmed about all the things you have to do, or even more overwhelming, unsure about what you have to do!

So, like many others, you probably turn to friends or family, those who have their own business and whom you trust.

Only, be warned, your friends and family may love you so much that they won’t tell you everything!

Because that’s what we do isn’t it? We want to protect the people we love so we sugar coat things, and make things seem simple so that they don’t get hurt.

Or, they are afraid for you and tell you all the risks and start to put you off?

And yet, now is the time you need their honest truth!

Well, here it is – my honesty in all its glory!

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How To Grow A Successful Small Business

Many people start their own business in order to be independent and to do their work their way, others are passionate creators who love what they do and want to do it for others, and yet others are legacy builders who want to bring something new to the world.

But whatever the reason for starting a business, building a successful business is dependent on established principles.

It is how you balance all of these principles, so that all of them exist in your business, and then what emphasis you place on some of them to get you what you want.

The cold hard truth is that you can’t grow a successful business by relying on your knowledge of how to do things, or your passion, or the value of what you bring to the world. All of these, on their own, will not build your successful business.

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Risk Management Planning for the Coronavirus

I know that I have only just published my usual weekly blog post, but as one of my clients said to me, “we live in interesting times.”

I wanted to quickly put out there what a small business can do in relation to risk management planning the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on their businesses.

But first, let’s get things into perspective.

Do not panic. Do not spread rumours and myths. Do not subscribe to the mob mentality that is now on display in supermarkets across the country. Get your information from trusted medical sources including government health departments and information sites.

However, in these “interesting times” it is prudent to be over-cautious in preparing for how the coronavirus can affect your business, so let’s get into what risk management planning you should be doing.

Let me give you a “checklist” of risk-mitigation procedures and strategies to implement in your small business – no need to give me your email, no need to download – here it is.

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How The Right Marketing Message Creates Impact

Tell me which of these messages appeal to you if you were the victim of an accident?

“Injured in an accident? Call us now to get the money you deserve.”


“We have 30 years’ experience and training in making compensation claims for you.”

You can tell that both messages are about the services that a compensation lawyer can provide you. Yet, chances are the first catches your eye and the second, well, it tells you what they do.

Here’s another pair talking about a restaurant:

“Eat a happy Italian meal with friends,” or

“We serve excellent Italian food.”

Again, the first makes an impact on your emotions and the second tells you what you get – but aren’t you immediately attracted to the first?

It’s a busy, noisy world out there and your marketing messages need to grab attention immediately with impact. You cannot afford to be scrolled past or strolled past.

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What Your Customers Love About Benefits

I’m going to ask you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, whether it is a service or a physical product. Whether you are selling it from a shop or office, or online. I want you to forget what you know about what you are selling and look at it from your customer’s eyes.

What do they see?

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