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8 Secrets About Writing Business Plans

8 Secrets About Writing Business Plans

If you own a small business that is growing, but you are feeling frustrated that you seem to be doing a lot of hard work for very slow progress, you should look at preparing your business plan so that you can logically work out what your priorities are, and then implement them.

In fact, statistics show that small businesses that fail either do not have a business plan or have an ineffective one that they don’t implement. Businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!

However, small business owners have been caught up in a lot of myths about business planning. The consulting industry has told small business owners that it is hard to write a business plan and you need to hire them to write one for you. Others have been caught up believing that it takes a lot of time or it costs a lot of money. Booksellers and online “trainers’ or “coaches” would have you believe that all you have to do is buy their templates and fill in the blanks. Some people have been told by “friends” that they didn’t find their business plan useful – because they didn’t follow them once written. Yet other small business owners do not even know what a business plan can do for them, so they don’t look any further.

I think it’s time to bust some myths and find out the truth about business plans and understand the 8 secrets about writing business plans for a small business AND read to the end to see how you can download your FREE business planning checklist.

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