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How To Implement All Your Business Ideas
Why Should A Small Business Write A Business Plan?
What To Include In Your Business Plan
Sell What Your Customers Don’t Realise They Need
What Type Of Business Plan Do You Need To Grow Your Business?

How To Implement All Your Business Ideas

When I started my consulting business, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to achieve.

I was very clear in the type of people I wanted to help – small business owners – and what I needed to do to help them, by providing effective tools, resources and processes that they could use and grow their businesses the way they wanted their businesses to grow.

What wasn’t as clear was how I put together a business that provided them with these tools and resources – in my career up to then I had accumulated some very effective and different ways to provide strategic and business planning, help them in their marketing and sales funnel processes, positive ways in building leadership qualities and creating great teams, and simple but effective processes to establishing norms and procedures that produced high-quality products and services to their customers.

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Why Should A Small Business Write A Business Plan?

Several of my blog subscribers have written to me lately asking whether their small business should have a business plan.

Some of them made the case to me that since they are sole proprietors and only have a few staff working for them, they didn’t feel the need to have a business plan for their business. They thought their business was too “simple” and they figured out what to do on an “as needs” basis. Others told me that they felt they were not confident in trying to prepare their own business plan and weren’t sure any benefit would outweigh the effort.

My first answer to them is to show them that statistics show 80% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years, and of those who survive, most still reported themselves as “struggling.” Only those few who reported themselves as “successful” had prepared business plans to guide their businesses. If nothing else, this shows what a powerful asset having a plan is for your small business. Read More

What To Include In Your Business Plan

In other articles on my blog, I have described why any small business must have a business plan.

I have also explained the SMART Business Planning formula where you follow 5 simple steps to write your own actionable business plan.

However this week I wanted to talk about what goes into your business plan document. Read More

Sell What Your Customers Don’t Realise They Need

One of the most important things to realise in marketing is that people buy with their heart, even though they try to rationalise with their head.

Let’s try this exercise with you being the customer. Let’s say that you need a new laptop, so you walk into a store that has a range of laptops laid out in a row on the counters. What is the first thing you look at?

A. You read each label to see which has the latest chip technology

B. You move from one to the other testing out the speed at which they save a document

C. You move down the line looking at which one looks the best

For most of us, it would be C, right? Be honest!

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What Type Of Business Plan Do You Need To Grow Your Business?

A well-written, actionable business plan defines exactly what you want your successful business to look like and be like.

A good business plan examines where you are now and then takes you through step by step strategies to get you where you want to go.

An excellent business plan sets up systems to ensure you implement and follow through so that your business plan automatically set your priorities and create organisation out of day-to-day chaos.

The question is what type of business plan do you need to grow your business your way?

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