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Your Unconventional Guide to Hiring Staff for Your Small Business Startup

Your Unconventional Guide to Hiring Staff for Your Small Business Startup

Unless you are starting a micro-work-from-home business, you are likely to be hiring staff when you start your small business.

It is tempting to follow the conventional route and figure out what skills you need to have in your business to support you, and then advertise for those skills, and hopefully find someone who can do the work. Then, as your business grows, you do it again.

However, as a first-time employer, and in a new business, this can have some risks attached.

Firstly, if you hire someone now, will they still be required in a few years’ time once the business has grown? Or will the skills required have grown as well? Then, how confident are you that the skills the candidate shows suits the purpose, especially as the position is new and you have nothing to compare it against? Perhaps they show the right qualifications and experience on their resume, but how do you judge character, will they “fit” in with your style? Will the candidate show responsibility in the tasks you want them to be responsible for?

Many startup small business owners take the plunge, gradually learn from experience, and get better at it. But that is a long and painful journey on the road to finding the right people.

So what if you turned the model on its head and instead of relying on conventional business practice, relying on what you do know – your vision and your reading of people’s attitudes?

I have an unconventional way to look at hiring staff for your small business startup.

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