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Can You Spin Your Elevator Speech?

Can You Spin Your Elevator Speech?

We all know what is an elevator speech, right?

In fact, if you go to teikoh.com and scroll through the blog archives you’ll see that I’ve even made a video showing you how to structure your elevator speech and how to say it.

The premise is simple, you’re in an elevator with a prospect and in the two minutes you are in there for the ride, you need to be able to quickly introduce yourself, explain what you do, and entice him with what you could do for them. The idea is that in your elevator speech you pack enough of your unique selling proposition to be able to make them sit up and ask you for your business card.

But really, how’s that working out for you?

The averages say that about 20% of the people you are able to say an elevator speech to, actually show an interest and of these maybe 20% do actually follow up.

So, your elevator speech itself has to be quite unique – to make them really go: “Huh? Tell me more!”

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