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How To Do The Things You Don’t Enjoy!

How To Do The Things You Don’t Enjoy!

Like me, there are things you have to do that you don’t enjoy.

You know – go on a diet, exercise, that sort of thing. But you know you have to do it, and the consequences are clear, so you do them! I’m sure you have your ways to discipline yourself and to turn the mind from “have to” to “get to do!”

But what about in your business?

Sometimes in your business you have to do things that, not only do you not enjoy, but that you might actually hate to do!

These are situations where you have to cold-call a new customer (I know I hate that); or you have to discipline staff for some inappropriate behaviour; or perhaps even learning new skills. In these situations it’s not about not having the time, or feeling uncomfortable – it’s about actually hating to have to do it! That negativity causes procrastination and delay, you put it off, plans stall, your to-do list piles up, and perhaps your business even suffers.

These are not things that would be nice to do and which you don’t enjoy – these are things you hate doing but you absolutely must do because if you don’t your business really suffers!

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