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5 Steps to a Happier and More Productive Workplace

5 Steps to a Happier and More Productive Workplace

These are lean times. Many businesses are letting go of staff and expecting greater productivity from those left. Businesses that have resisted the temptation of cutting costs by cutting the salaries bill also need to make sure the team is more effective than ever.

A productive and effective business is comprised of team members that are both happy and productive.

So, how do you create such a workplace?

Indeed, there are “happy” places, but not all are also productive. The trick is to ensure that workplace satisfaction, or “happiness” is linked to the creation of an effective and productive workplace.

While there are studies that list 6 or 10 or 12 factors, I believe the following 5 are the key factors to create a workplace that attracts and retains the most effective and productive staff.

1. A workplace with a strong Vision and Mission, and which values reinforce pride in membership.
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